Client Reviews

It is important to us that everyone leaves happy with a clear concise understanding on what we have worked on through the session and what they have to continue to do to develop. Below are a number of reviews from clients that have been left through google, facebook and sent from emails. 

"Nick has been great at adapting his coaching to the areas I wanted to focus on. He gave good advice on the points that I needed help with rather than necessarily try to make big changes to my game (which I've had with previous coaches) which meant I could go away and practice on a couple of key areas at the range in between sessions. With Nick's help, I've now built a solid foundation to go on to reach a single figure handicap which was my aim prior to starting the sessions.

Thanks Nick!"

Ross Clarke

"Nick is an amazing coach, I've learnt so much in just 3 lessons! Lesson 1 I learnt how to swing irons whilst using the incredible virtual golf screen. Lesson 2 I took my skills out on to the pitch & putt finishing the course 4 over par overall. Finally in Lesson 3 I learnt how to use woods and then went out onto the full 18 where I made my first ever par on a proper 18 hole course! All of this is down to the fantastic instruction from Nick who is very patient and friendly that it's easy to follow his guidance. All I can say is bring on Lesson 4 I can't wait to see what's in store!!" 

Matt Mesiano

"Nick has helped every part of my game, I feel so much more confident out on the course now. If you are looking for a easy to work with coach that also knows what he's talking about I would highly recommend getting in contact with nick you will not be disappointed."

Callum Sweetman

"Nick has just sorted my shanks for which I am very grateful. Excellent knowledge of the swing and very personable service. I'm striking the ball better then ever. Much appreciated Nick!"

Lewis Ali

"What a great coach, I was having trouble with consistency (along with many other issues). Nick helped me with this and while I am far from perfect, I now a least know where I am going wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and have been totally worth the time, money and effort.He has the patience(which was vital with me) and the ability to help with anyone's game, along with a friendly manner. I would have absolutely no problem in recommending Nick to anybody."

Dave Buckle

"Very good coach and very patient. Could see results straight away."

Perry Davis

"Within 10mins of my lesson Nick pointed out and corrected my Driving faults. Now I can successfully hit a 3 wood of the tee...straight. Thank you so much I highly recommend you see this guy if you have any problems with your golf that you need to iron out"

Wayne Neal

"I paid for a course of lessons with Nick at the turn of the year and have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons. As a (very) high handicapper, and someone who used to wonder if I'd even hit the ball when standing on the tee box, I now have much more confidence in my ability. Nick has really helped to adjust my stance, grip and swing into something that resembles a golf swing, i'll definitely be going back to him for fine-tuning in the future."

Mark Beattie

"Great coaching has helped me massively improve my game, would highly recommend"

Paddy Hannigan

"I’ve been having regular lessons with Nick for over 3 months now. From our initial meeting and first lesson Nick has made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. His knowledge and ability to asses and define the various areas of my swing/game that need to be improved has made a tremendous difference. I would thoroughly recommend him."

Matt Edgell

"I've been playing golf for nearly 20 years without a single lesson. I went to see Nick last March while a 18 handicapper as I was starting to take my golf seriously. To my amazement he turned my game around and after several lessons I'm now a 10 handicapper. I've even had the confidence to join a private club.
If your thinking of having golf lessons Nick does just the job, his expertise, patience and dedication gives him all the right attributes of a top coach."

Wayne Griffen

"Nick is a great golf instructor, his lessons helped from day 1. within 2 years i have come down from a 24 handicap to a 15. Nick addressed my over the top swing and set about giving me tip and drills to address. I would recommend him to anyone."

James Edwards

"I've been coached by Nick for the last year and my golf game has come on leaps and bounds (From 17.9 down to 12.8). Nick's tuition is clear, direct and focused predominantly on lowering your scores. Whilst his approach to tuition is results based and pragmatic, if you're a bit of a golf nerd (like me), he can also explain the more complex parts of a golf swing clearly, insightfully and with unending patience. Couple all of that with the GC2 golf simulator, pitch and putt course and the Panshanger full course you've got an awesome place to learn how to play, improve and enjoy golf. Would highly recommend."

Simon Parker

"Excellent coach, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Has definitely improved my game and the lessons are always enjoyable."

Colleen Murray

"My game and swing was in a mess! I was recommended to seek out Nick. I was at the point of feeling that, "I had nothing to loose". Nicks calm attitude, attention to detail and understanding, was so reassuring and put me at ease. I explained my problems and ambitions, he carefully unpicked the flaws, slowly altered my thinking and my swing. The result is everything I wanted. This young man is a phenomenal teacher, no matter what your handicap is, if you're stuck for what ever reason, please give Nick a call, you're game deserves it."

Peter Goodwin

"I have been working with Nick for the last few months and my swing has improved from a half swing nasty slice, playing 3 off the tee to a full swing slight draw. He is a great teacher and has given me the confidence to really go for my drives regularly hitting over 250 yards. My low-iron shot consistency has also improved and I look forward to working towards a mid handicap."

Tom Owen

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