Do i need my own clubs
How Many lessons will i need?

This depends on you and what you want to get out of the lessons. A single lesson can be booed if you want to work on one aspect of your swing or to prepare for an event or competition. I find the best results are seen with a combination of regular practice and lessons. 

Not at all, Panshanger have a variety of clubs to hire which you can use for lessons. However if you do decide to invest in your own set of clubs we can arrange a custom fitting session to ensure you get the perfect clubs to enhance your game.

Are golf lessons right for me?

Absolutely, golf lessons can help build your confidence and get you on a course if you are just starting, or to work on specific aspects of your game if you are looking to improve or refresh your skills. Group lessons are also a fantastic way to meet other people if you are interested in the social aspect. Panshanger also has a friendly club and a great clubhouse.

What age can my child start golf lessons? 

Junior lessons start at the age of 5 for individual or group lessons. As the junior section progresses there will be separate groups depending on age and ability. 

Can i do a joint golf lesson?

Of course, each extra participant is charged at £10 and a minimum of an hour lesson would be required. However the GC2 simulator can accommodate a maximum of two participants while groups of three would be the maximum for a playing lesson on the course.


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