Online Lessons

A video lesson is a fantastic opportunity for me to look at your swing when you haven’t got the time to in come for a lesson. By sending your swing over, via Hudl (a free video app), as well as being able to analyse and visually annotate changes in your swing, I am also able to provide you with personalised voice over instruction. The video will then be sent back for you to start work on improving your game. If you have any questions or queries, then please ask. Two weeks later you will receive a follow up email for a catch up to see how your progress is going and to discuss further improvements.

With the ability to slow the video down it gives me plenty of time to pick out all the finer details to help improve the swing.

I can draw the necessary lines, angles, circles to show clearly what is good with the swing and what we can improve on. 

Finally I can record over the video and scroll through to explain what we want to work on and what drills need to be done.

How it works

Fill out on the enquiry form below stating you would like a video lesson in the comments

I will contact you with an information form to fill out that must be sent with your videos.

Payment details will also be sent over.

You must send 2 videos over, one from 'down the line' like the images above and one from 'face on' making sure the whole swing can be seen.​

Once payment is received your video will be returned to you within 24 hours with things to work on and appropriate drills to help.

If there is anything you are unclear about then please ask.

Cost - £10


Please be aware that video lessons shouldn’t take the place of going to see a professional and having a one to one lesson as more can be done in these sessions.


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